Used Tire Recycling Plant (TDS PLANT)installation and comission in Ecuador customer’s place

Shredwell used tire recycling plant-TDS plant for making 100mm rubber chip delivered on time and has completed it’s installation in Ecuador.

After 2 weeks working,the used tyre recycling plant for Ecuador customer was installed and tested under our engineers instructure at customer’s place. TDS plant is a small tire recycling plant for making 100mm rubber chips which are used as tire derived fuel for cement plant or oil refinery. After installation, the TDS plant works normally, customer is satisfied with our high quality products and high level service.

Our engineers will stay 2 more weeks to train the workers of Ecuador customer, they will instruct them how to use the tire recycling plant, how to deal with the faulty situation as well as how to maintain the whole line until they can manage the machines very well, and we supply continuous technical support after the training too, so once you bought a Shredwell products, you bought our excellent after-sale service.

You can check more details for our TDS plant:

Shredwell, a professsional recycling machinary producer, we have engineers with more than 15 years experience, we are committed to supply high quality recycling lines and
machines, TDS plant is one of our tire recycling plants, we still have meta
l recycling plant, wood recycling plant, WEEE recycling plant and Solid waste recycling plant, etc. For more plants, please log in our website: