Wuxi city, China 29th Nov, 2022 —Shredwell Recycling, an international professional factory in the designing and manufacturing for cost-effective shredding equipment and recycling systems, announced today our order TSC-1000 scrap tire recycling system for Chile has been completed and achieved success in testing.

This TSC-1000 scrap tire recycling system is specially designed for our Chile customer to shred whole scrap tires into high quality uncontaminated crumb rubber. These rubber crumbs have numerous uses from landscaping and playgrounds to engineering applications. Many athletic fields and sporting surfaces utilize crumb rubber as a soft and absorbent layer. Most rubber modified asphalt roadways and rubber sealants also use crumb rubber as a main ingredient.

Our Chilean customers watched the test process of this TSC-1000 scrap tire recycling system via a video call. During the test, customers asked us to shred truck tires and car tires, and watch the operation of the machine in the process of shredding the tire, especially the cleaning of the separated steel wire and fiber. Our customer is very satisfied with the tire recycling line of the easy operation and smooth test process and give a thumbs up.

Thanks to our customer for his recognition. Shredwell have the professional engineer team to design the most suitable tire recycling machines to meet every customer’s requirement.

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