Wuxi city, China August , 2016 —Shredwell Recycling, China, an international professional factory in the designning and manufacturing of cost-effective shredding equipment and  recycling systems, announced today the completion of a new TDS tire recycling plant  to be installed in Uruguay.

The new plant will be the first system for Shredwell in Uruguay and will provide the latest scrap tire recycling technology for the city and surrounding area. This scrap tire recycling plant is designed to shred up to 1300mm scrap truck tires into high-quality rough shreds rubber chips around 50-150mm for landfill. During the shredding process by our TS Tire shredder, all waste tires are cut and re-circulated, leaving a very clean and uniform rough shreds rubber chips with very little exposed wire.

The customer is very satisfied with our quality and service, the installation, commission work is very successful. During the opening ceremony, the local TV station come to visit our machinery, and post it on their TV news.

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