Tire & Rubber Recycling Machine – We Transform the Waste to Value.

We Committed to Developing, Designing, Manufacturing, Selling, Installing and Commissioning of Environmental Protection
and Shredding Recycling Machinery.

Main Machine

Tire Shredder from SHREDWELL

Tire Shredder is designed to turn whole tires into rough shreds chips around 50-100MM.

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Rasper, tire recycling machine, tire recycling equipment

Rasper is the ultimate machine for mid-stream and steel separation for 20mm wire free chips.

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Shredwell Rubber Granulator for sale

Rubber Granulator is designed to grind rubber mulch into 0-5mm rubber granules.

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rubber powder making shredwell

Rubber Pulverizer is designed to grind 0-6mm rubber granules into 30-120mesh rubber powder.

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Other Machine

SHREDWELL Tire Shredder

TSS Tire Shredder is specially designed to produce 50x50mm rubber chips used as tdf chips in cement industry.

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tyre cutter, OTR tire cutter, mining tire cutters

Shredwell OTR Tire Cutter is specially designed for cutting 4 meter mining OTR tires into tire blocks.

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