Wuxi city, China 27th Nov, 2020 —Shredwell Recycling, announced today we shipped a new set of rubber mulch equipment to Turkey. It is expected to arrive in Turkey in a month.

This rubber mulch equipment is our second project in Turkey. In the future, we will still provide the latest rubber shredding technology for the Turkey and surrounding country.

After the shipment, we sent our customers pictures to show them how we load the cargos. Our customer said: “ Shredwell team is very professional and responsible. We are very satisfied about their rubber mulch equipment quality. I have checked the loading pictures, the packages is very careful and strong. We think it is a very good choice to cooperate with them.”

Shredwell will keep moving forward, we’ll product more and more quality reliable rubber mulch equipment to our customers.

Learn more about the Shredwell rubber mulch equipment Turkey at: www.shredwell-recycling.com and contract:

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