Wuxi city, China 2nd Feb, 2021 —Shredwell Recycling, China announced today we shipped a new OTR ring cutter and tire cutter to Turkey. It is expected to arrive Turkey in a month.

This is the second time we shipped tire recycling machines to our Turkey customer. Shredwell ring cutter and tire cutter are aim to cut up to 2500mm tires into rubber blocks then feeding blocks in normal tire shredding system.

Today we are loading. Because the new year is coming soon, most of companies want to ship before new year, so it’s very difficult to order containers, and our freight forward said that the shipping cost is increasing every day. But our customer’s payment method is L/C, so we must to ship within the specified time. Even if we know that the cost of shipping has exceeded a lot, we still communicate with the freight forward through continuous efforts, even spending a lot of unnecessary the fee came to order the container, and finally we shipped the equipment in so limited time.

In order to protecting the ring cutter and tire cutter machines in good condition when they delivered to our Turkey customer, the packaging for each part is very carefully and strictly. Our customer praises our standard packaging and rigorous work attitude.

Very thanks for customer’s compliments.Shredwell committed to serving each customer.We will keep moving forward and we are confident that through our efforts we will become a greater recycling equipment manufacturer.

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