Wood Shredder : Revolutionary patent on wood shredder makes lower power consumption, higher production rate.

Shredwell WS wood shredder is new designed with our own core patent technology for waste wood shredding and recycling. Normally used as primary shredder to reduces the volume of waste wood.

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More Details

Shredwell wood shredder is designed with an aggressive low RPM, high torque shredding technology, offering the stupendous performance in shredding the wood waste material for the production of boiler fuel and effectively reduces the volume of solid wood waste and processes it in the desired size of end product that can be used for the specialized purpose.

Available with us are wood shredder that are high in performance and low in maintenance. Widely used in shredding: wood waste, wood pallet, solid wood,

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Wood Shredder WS1800 WS1600 WS1300 WS1200 WS1000 WS800
Motor Siemens Siemens Siemens Siemens Siemens Siemens
Power 75Kw*2/55Kw*2 45Kw*2 45kw*2 45Kw*2 37kw*2 22kw*2
Voltage as per request as per request as per request as per request as per request as per request
Cutting ChamberL*W 1804*1410 1504*1360 1304*920 1204*920 1000*680 804*686
Blade Diameter 750mm 560mm 450mm 450mm 450mm 450mm
Equipment DimensionsL*W*H 5870*2450*3890 5260*2420*3890 5120*2010*3100 5010*1710*3100 3800*1400*2100 3330*1030*2100
Equipment Weight 25000Kg 22000Kg 17500kg 15500Kg 6000kg 4700kg
Hopper OpeningL*W*H 2790*2450*1100 2760*2410*1100 2050*1650*1000 1850*1650*900 1300*1400*700 1120*1257*800
Final Product 0-25mm 0-25mm 0-25mm 0-25mm 0-25mm 0-25mm

Four shaft shredders testing with wood

This is our hydraulic four shaft shredder testing video to shred the wood pallet into small pieces, the capacity is around 5-7 Tons per hour. The four shaft are drived by two hydraulic motor or electrical motor working with reducers .

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    WS-1000 Wood Shredder, 2015 Changzhou,China

    This is our WS-1000 wood shredder designed as primary shredding in wood processing plant.