Wood Recycling Plant : designed to produce very fine wood sawdust for collection or further processing.

Shredwell Wood recycling plant is designed with most advanced, reasonable and economical production process to shred and recycle the wood scrap. It’s a physically shredding & selection processing line, working in the normal temperature, causing no pollution. Wood shredding plant output is very fine wood sawdust. Processors are able to sell to buyers or continue processing for additional material outputs.

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More Details

Waste wood(bulky wood, wood pallet, timber wood, scrap wood offcut ) is processed by Shredwell wood recycling plant (Mainly contain WS wood shredders-double shaft or SSS wood shredder-single shaft or FSS wood shredder-four shaft working with WG wood grinder), leaving very fine wood sawdust for collection or further processing, after a powerful magnetic separator to remove the steel(Optional) ,a dust removal system to collect the dust, (Optional) and a drying system to decrease the humidity of the wood sawdust.

Wood sawdust have numerous uses like:
1. Can be used as medium for edible mushrooms or as nutrient soil for plants.
2. Widely used as material to produce biomass fuel particle.
3. Used as raw material to make density board.
4. Used as sleeping material for pets
5. Used to make charcoal.

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Four shaft shredders as primary shredder in wood processing plant

This is our hydraulic four shaft shredder testing video to shred the wood pallet into small pieces, the capacity is around 5-7 Tons per hour. The four shaft are drived by two hydraulic motor or electrical motor working with reducers .

HM66120 Hammer mill as wood grinder in wood recycling plant

This is our Wood hammer mill testing in our workshop for wood processing and wood recycling, with around 6 tons per hour capacity, to be used to produce wood sawdust.

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    Further Information

    Main Machines

    Wood Shredder in wood recycling plant


    Shredwell two shaft shredder is designed for effective pre-shredding and size reduction of a wide variety of tough to shred materials. Based on advanced US technology, together with our own core patents, as well as more than 15 years manufacturing experience in recycling industry, we always provide high quality double shaft shredder.

    *Low speed, high torque rotor enabling processing of tough materials;
    *Blades available in different steel qualities providing the optimum solution for processing of your specific material. With more than 13 steps of process procedures guarantee the blades precision and high quality;

    wood hammer mill in wood sawdust processing plant


    Shredwell wood shredder is designed with an aggressive low RPM, high torque shredding technology, offering the stupendous performance in shredding the wood waste material for the production of boiler fuel and effectively reduces the volume of solid wood waste and processes it in the desired size of end product that can be used for the specialized purpose.

    Available with us are wood shredder that are high in performance and low in maintenance. Widely used in shredding: wood waste, wood pallet, solid wood.

    wood pellet mill in wood recycling plant


    They can be processed by our Shredwell pellet mill machine into solid biomass pellets. The final wood pellets can be used in stoves for home heating and industrial boilers and large power plants. Besides, the pellets are also widely used for animal bedding.

    1. Gear driven.
    2. Force feeder.
    3. Safe protection mechanism.
    4. Siemens motor, SKF bearings.
    5. Alloy steel or all stainless steel ring die.
    6. Auto cooling and oil adding lubrication system.
    7. Controlled length of pellet.
    8. Optional Conditioner.
    9. Optional Intelligent automatic control system.

    Control system



    Exclusive Control System – Controls and operates the entire plant from its centrally located position and provides instant visibility to what each machine is doing in real time.

    Unique Stop/Auto Reversal Feature – Protects against overfeeding and damage by non-processable items.

    Successful Cases

    Tire Washer

    ShredWell has now been in shredding and recycling industry more than 10 years …