Wood Pellet : Specialy designed for wood biomass pellet.

Shredwell WP series Wood pellet mill machine price belongs to pellet fuel processing equipment. After the materials like sawdust, wood chips, wood logs, rice husk, sunflower seed shells, peanut shells, and other kinds of agricultural wastes are first ground by a hammer mill and dried to a moisture content about 15%.

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They can be processed by our Shredwell pellet mill machine into solid biomass pellets. The final wood pellets can be used in stoves for home heating and industrial boilers and large power plants. Besides, the pellets are also widely used for animal bedding.

1. Gear driven.
2. Force feeder.
3. Safe protection mechanism.
4. Siemens motor, SKF bearings.
5. Alloy steel or all stainless steel ring die.
6. Auto cooling and oil adding lubrication system.
7. Controlled length of pellet.
8. Optional Conditioner.
9. Optional Intelligent automatic control system.

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Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Inner diameter of die Pellet size (mm) Dimension (mm) Net weight (T)
PM250 0.1-0.2 18.5 250 Ø6,Ø8,Ø10 1300*1330*850 0.73
PM320 0.3-0.5 37 320 Ø6,Ø8,Ø10 2100*1100*1400 1.2
PM350 0.5-0.8 55 350 Ø6,Ø8,Ø10 2500*1100*1150 1.65
PM420 0.9-1.2 90 420 Ø6,Ø8,Ø10 3000*1200*1470 2.8
PM520 1.3-1.8/1.8-2.5 132/160 520 Ø6,Ø8,Ø10 3200*1300*1420 4
PM600X 2.5-3 185 600 Ø6,Ø8,Ø10 3000*1750*1810 4.5
PM660 3-4 200 660 Ø6,Ø8,Ø10 3570*1800*1850 7.5
PM800 4-6 315 800 Ø6,Ø8,Ø10 4300*1900*2040 11


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