WEEE Recycling Plant: We are trying our best to recycle all the e-scrap on the market, and we do recycle them.

Shredwell WEEE recycling plant offers individually customized-made plant solutions to meet all the requirements of E-waste directive. With specialized design MS series metal shredder and HM series Hammer Mill or VS series Vertical shredder, shredwell has developed a special effective and cost-effective, eco-friendly technology for recovering the recyclable material and separating out the hazardous material.

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  • E-scrap recycling machine, e-waste recycling machine, WEEE recycling plant, recycling system for e-waste

More Details

Shredwell MS metal shredder as primary shredder and HS hammer mill or VS vertical shredder as secondary shredder of WEEE Recycling Plant breaks up the input e-scrap. That way the e-scrap composites are broken-up. Batteries and capacitors remain intact whereby the material stream remains clean. Directly after the processing after second step, approximately 80% of the input material can be separated manually, automatically or optoelectronically and is directly available for selling-on.

Input materials – Examples
Household equipment, Computers, Copiers, Washing machines, Dryers, Consumer electronics, Small appliances

Printed circuit boards, Transformers and Capacitors, Ferrous Metal (Iron), Non-ferrous metal(Aluminum, copper), Plastics.

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WEEE Recycling Plant

The E-Waste recycling plant contains one Metal shredder for rough shrdding, vertical shredder for secondary shredding and Hammer mill for third grinding, cooperated with Magnetic separator, eddy current separator and electrostatic separation will result in ferrous metal, fiber powder, and non-ferrous metal powder.

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    Further Information

    Main Machines

    double shaft shredder in WEEE recycling plant


    Shredwell TSS series Two Shaft Shredder is specially designed for shredding industrial e-waste into clean-cut primary scraps down to size. with the special design of low speed, high torgue operation, minimized noise and power consumption high production.

    shredder features a patented knife system manufactured for extremely durable and easily-replacing knife which result in giving the input metal clean and fast cut. It is widely used in WEEE recycling plant

    The unique structure of the knives in this machine can provide over hundreds of thousand tons working life. And the knives can be replaced partly to save maintenance time and cost for our customer.


    Shredwell VS series Vertical Shredders are mainly applied in applications processing preshredded e-waste scrap from twin shaft shredding systems to produce required regular output material in e-waste recycle plant.

    These machines in WEEE recycling plant aggressively size reduce and densify preshredded material whilst liberating the various different fractions and allowing for better separations and reduced transport costs. The breakers in the upper part of the chamber smash the material until it is small enough to enter the gap between the milling rings and chamber liners. When the material enters the second stage the milling rings impact, grind and roll the material into clean fragments. When milled in to small enough pieces, the balled up material falls into the lower chamber. It is then ejected by the discharge paddle. The three above stages create a product which is both clean and of high bulk density suitable for transportation.


    Exclusive Control System – Controls and operates the entire e-waste recycling system from its centrally located position and provides instant visibility to what each machine is doing in real time.

    Unique Stop/Auto Reversal Feature – Protects against overfeeding and damage by non-processable items.

    Successful Cases

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    WEEE Recycling Plant, 2014,China

    This e-waste recycling plant is designed for WEEE, to recycle ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal from mixed electrical and electronic equipment(e-scrap).