In a lot of countries like India, they burn the used tires directly, and left the tyre steel for recycling, because they are in a huge amount of quantities, most of them are tangled together, not to say cut them through, even make them loose is quite difficult. So how to recycle them properly is a challenge. People see their value, but not all the companies work it out, SHREDWELL analyze the material carefully, do research for a long time, in the end, we developed a solution for recycling the tyre steel bundles.

We can offer size reduction for the following materials:

  • Tyre steel bundles.
  • Tyre rings.
  • Steel Wire.

We shred tyre steel wire bundles well

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Equipment Suitable For Processing Steel Wire

Steel Wire Shredder from SHREDWELL

Steel Wire Shredder is specially designed to turn tyre steel wire bundles into rough shreds chips around 100-200mm..

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Steel wire baler for tyre wire

Steel Shredder is designed to turn shreded steel wire into bale for recycling.

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Successful Cases

  • Shredwell high quality steel wire bundles shredder
  • New steel wire shredder for India
  • tyre steel shredder for India


This is our second tyre wire shredder for Raipur of India, with capacity around 30 tons per hour..Read More