Two Shaft Shredder : High Torque Shredding Technology.

Shredwell two shaft shredder is designed for effective pre-shredding and size reduction of a wide variety of tough to shred materials. Based on advanced US technology, together with our own core patents, as well as more than 15 years manufacturing experience in recycling industry, we only provide high quality double shaft shredder.

Things can be shred by Shredwell two shaft shredder:
*All types of tires— Car tires, van tires, truck tires, mining tires, OTR tires etc;
*Metal— scrap car, waste metal sheet, baled aluminum, metal drum etc.
*E-waste— WEEE waste, printers, refrigerator, cooper wire cable, printed circuit boards etc.
*Wood— Wood pallets, wood block, waste wood.
*Solid waste- MSW waste etc.

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More Details

*Low speed, high torque rotor enabling processing of tough materials;
*Blades available in different steel qualities providing the optimum solution for processing of your specific material. With more than 13 steps of process procedures guarantee the blades precision and high quality;
*It’s powered by Siemens motor and power unit enabling automatic reverse for overload protection thus minimizing blades damages;
*Individual electrical control panel with Siemens PLC control system makes sure the machine work properly and safety;
*Easily exchangeable wear parts give you a virtually indestructible machine which is easy to maintain;
*Low dust, low noise,low maintenance design makes our customers choose us over and over again;

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Double shaft shredder DSS2400 DSS1800 DSS1300 DSS1200 DSS1000 DSS800
Motor Siemens Siemens Siemens Siemens Siemens Siemens
Power 110kw*2 75Kw*2/55Kw*2 45Kw*2 45Kw*2/22Kw*2 22kw*2 15kw*2
Voltage as per request as per request as per request as per request as per request as per request
Cutting ChamberL*W(mm) 2400*1800 1804*1410 1504*1360 1204*920 1000*680 804*686
Blade Diameter 200mm 750mm 560mm 450mm 450mm 450mm
Equipment DimensionsL*W*H(mm) 7300*2438*1046 5870*2450*3890 5260*2420*3890 5010*1710*3100 3800*1400*2100 3327*1030*2075
Equipment Weight 56000kg 25000Kg 2200Kg 15500Kg 6000kg 4700kg
Hopper OpeningL*W*H(mm 3711*2438*1046 2790*2450*1100 2760*2410*1100 1850*1650*900 1300*1400*700 1120*1257*800
Final Product 50-200mm 50-150mm 50-150mm 50-150mm 50-150mm 50-150mm

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    DSS-1200 two shaft shredder, Wuxi-2016

    DSS1200 twin shaft shredder used as primary shredder in MSW recycling plant, manufactured in 2016, located in Wuxi city, China.

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    • two shaft shredders for waste tires

    DSS-1800 twin shaft shredder, Ecuador-2016

    DSS1800 twin shaft shredder used as primary shredder in tyre pyrolysis plant, manufactured in 2014, located in Ecuador.

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    • double shaft shredder for scrap tyres

    DSS-1800 double shaft shredder, USA-2012

    DSS1800 twin shaft shredder used as primary shredder in tyre recycling plant, manufactured in 2012, located in USA.