Tire Washer: designed to clean the dirty tires before sending to shredder.

The tire washer machine is designed to wash the waste tires with advanced technolgy.

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  • scrap tyre washer in tire shredding plant
  • dirty tire washing machine

More Details

Waste tyres collected for recycling are often very dirty, for many applications that require high purity of the recycled rubber to protect the machine kninves, therefore washing the tires becomes necessary. Our advanced technology tire washer can be used efficiently to clean impurities from the waste tire or scrap rubber to improve the product cleaness and fineness in production to make high fineness rubber product. Remove the dust and other Impurities attached to the waste rubber/ waste tyre.

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    • tire washer Machine
    • waste tire washer for sale

    Tire Washer, 2014-South Africa

    Our waste tire washer worked with tyre recycling plant in S. Africa to wash and clean the waste tyres to get higher quality rubber powder.