Tire steel cleaning plant : Shredwell steel wire cleaning plant is designed to clean the shredded steel from tyres to high standard and high purity steel.

During tyre recycling system, the main purpose is to purify the rubber granulate. But actually there is also a quite amount of steel wire in tyres, which has been paying more and more attention to sell a higher price in terms of a re-sellable material. Due to the growing demand for cleaning steel, Shredwell has developed three steel cleaning plant to meet the specific customer requirements for cleaning and upgrading of the steel fraction originating from tyre recycling. .

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More Details

There are three systems have been designed and manufacturing by shredwell– Italian technology(an inline solution, a “stand-alone” solution) and a local technology(Crack mill cleaner) . The systems remove the textile and rubber residues from the steel, making it a high quality steel fraction.

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scrap tyre steel wire cleaning system price

1.The In-Line System:

It is designed to be placed in-line with an existing shredwell tyre recycling system, screening the steel from the plant. The output steel purity and capacity depends on the purity and size of the input dirty steel wire. For example; if the input dirty steel is up to 20mm in size containing 15-20% rubber and textile, the output fraction is approx. 94-95% clean steel wire processing at 2-3 tons per hour. A benefit with this system is low running costs (due to screening process), minimal operator control and naturally a high quality steel output.

tire steel cleaning plant for scrap steel

2.The Stand Alone System

It is containing a liberator(TM) and Screening System. The quality of the cleaned steel depends on the size of liberator and screening system. The system can be placed either in-line with the shredwell tire recycling plant or it can be operated as a separated system. For example: if the input dirty steel is up to 50 mm (containing up to 30% rubber & textile) approx. Using liberator(315) system, 98-99% clean steel wire can be obtained at a capacity of 3-4 ton per hour. Benefits with this system are a high density steel output, high quality steel output and minimal operator control.

SCP-3000 Steel cleaning plant in Italy

The system is manufactured and delivered in the year of 2013, the customer is collecting scrap steel from different tire recycling factories. He set up this steel cleaning system to process his dirty steel into high purity and high quality steel. PLEASE SEND US INQUIRY TO VIEW THE VIDEO

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    Further Information

    Main Machines

    liberator in tire steel wire cleaning plant


    Shredwell liberator is specially designed for process dirty tyre steel wire, remove the rubber and textile from the steel.

    Shredwell Offers several models for liberator for multiple capacity of steel cleaning plant.

    screen in tyre steel wire cleaning system

    Screening system

    Advanced technology on screen system helps to separate the clean steel from dirty steel and rubber.

    Control System

    Exclusive Control System – Controls and operates the entire plant from its centrally located position and provides instant visibility to what each machine is doing in real time.

    Unique Stop/Auto Reversal Feature – Protects against overfeeding and damage by non-processable items.

    Successful Cases

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    SCP-3000 Steel Cleaning Plant-Italy-2013

    Steel cleaning plant working in Italy, capacity is around 3-4 Tons per hour.