Shreded steel baler : Compress the shreded steel wire(from tyre shredding plant)into cube bale.

Shredwell shredded steel baler is designed for scrap steel seperated from waste tires, it is the only steel baler in China who can press the steel wire from tires .

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Because of the steel features—high elasticity ,loosen status and small size, which makes them hard to be baled, we designed this unique baler to make the liberated steel from the tires to be baled become ture. It’s a structure is durable, no need foundation bolt which is convenient to move. Shredwell Steel Baler adopt slow fast start form, the feed opening size and package of block size depend on customer requirements.

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    Scrap Steel Baler, 2014-S.Africa

    Our steel baler working tyre recycling factory to press the steel wire into cube, located in S.Africa