Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Plant : Shredwell manufactures MSW recycling Systems designed to provide substantial cost savings, new income streams, and greater profits.

Our Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Plant (MSW recycling systems) are used in combination to recover valuable commodities, divert waste from landfills, and as a front-end separation system combined with energy conversions such as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and others. Whatever your goals are, we provide you with the right and best solution.

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More Details

The main purpose of this municipal solid waste recycling plant is to separate the raw waste into: combustible fraction (to produce RDF – refuse derived fuel), recyclables (ferrous and non-ferrous metals), and the remaining inert fraction (landfill). The plant is designed to process mainly municipal solid waste (MSW) but is able to process a wide variety of waste such as landfill waste or industrial waste. The MSW recycling plant is solid, compact and versatile providing reliable commercial operation. The main product is the high quality fuel (RDF) produced for the purpose of energy recovery in the power plant. This energy is recovered with high efficiency in the form of electricity.

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MSW recycling Plant Design

The municipal solid waste recycling system is designed by shredwell engineer team, we have different solutions to process municipal waste.

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    Further Information

    Main Machines

    primary shredder in solid waste recycling plant


    Shredwell two shaft shredder is designed for effective pre-shredding and size reduction of a wide variety of tough to shred materials. Based on advanced US technology, together with our own core patents, as well as more than 15 years manufacturing experience in MSW recycling industry, we only provide high quality double shaft shredder for primary shredding.The pre-shredder cuts and isolates the material into pieces less than 300 mm thus enabling the subsequent process to perform optimally in MSW recycling system.

    four shaft shredder in municipal solid waste recycling plant


    Shredwell four shaft shredders in municipal solid waste recycling plant are well-known as multi-purpose shredders because they work as double shaft shredders when the internal screen is removed, or as a sizing shredder which is able to shred, and reduce a wide range of commingled materials to required particle size in one pass. An integrated sizing screen keeps materials in the cutting chamber until they reach the desired size, ensuring uniform product sizing. It widely used as primary shredding in MSW recycling plant.

    single shaft shredder in solid waste recycling system


    Shredwell SSS series Single Shaft Shredder in solid waste recycling plant is equipped with a feeding hopper and an hydraulic ram designed to push the material between the rotor and the fixed blade. The hydraulic ram is designed to exert pressure on the material depending on the absorption of the rotor. Depending on the final dimension required, these machines can be equipped with different screen sizes. With the function of Siemens microcomputer control system, it is possible to control automatically start, stop, automatic reverse sensors to protect the machine against over loading and jamming in solid waste recycling plant.

    This shredder in MSW recycling plant cuts the material to a size of 50 – 80 mm (where necessary, this can be adjusted by changing the bottom screens). In case any un-shredable materials, like reinforced cement blocks, are detected, the shredder stops automatically. The working principal is similar to the pre-shredder as both machines are hydraulically driven. The shredded material – RDF is discharged from the shredder by means of a chain conveyor.


    Exclusive Control System – Controls and operates the entire plant from its centrally located position and provides instant visibility to what each machine is doing in real time in MSW recycling system.

    Unique Stop/Auto Reversal Feature – Protects against overfeeding and damage by non-processable items.

    Successful Cases

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    Solid Waste Recycling Plant, 2016-China

    This is our MSW recycling plant for municipal refuse, located in China, to recycle municipal waste, to get plastic, ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal.

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    MSW Recycling System, 2013-Philippines

    municipal solid waste recycling plant working in Philippines, manufactured and installed in 2013. It is the biggest MSW recycling system for solid waste in Philippines.