Scrap Metal Baler : High Torque Shredding Technology.

Shredwell scrap metal baler is professional for baling different kinds of metals. It has integrity and quick valve design, doesn’t need customers to install at all. .

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More Details

Shredwell scrap metal baler is widely used in baling metal pieces, waste aluminum, waste copper, etc, makes all the scrap metal convenient for transportation. It’s a structure is durable, no need foundation bolt which is convenient to move. Adopt slow fast start form, the feed opening size and package of block size depend on customer requirements.

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Model-Scrap Metal Baler Fominal Forece Chamber size Bale section Power Operation Operation
MB81100A 100KN/100T 1000*700*500mm 250*250mm 11KW/15HP Manual Valve Turn bag
MB81-100B 100KN/100T 1000*700*500mm 250*250mm 11KW/15HP PLC Automatic Turn bag
MB81-125A 125KN/125T 1200*700*600mm 250*250mm 11KW/20HP Manual Valve Turn bag
MB81-125B 125KN/125T 1200*700*600mm 250*250mm 11KW/20HP PLC Automatic Turn bag
MB81-135A 135KN/135T 1400*600*600mm 600*240mm 20KW/30HP Manual Valve Push bag
MB81-135B 135KN/135T 1400*600*600mm 600*240mm 20KW/30HP PLC Automatic Push bag
MB81-160A 160KN/160T 1600*1000*800mm 350*350mm 20KW/30HP Manual Valve Turn bag
MB81-160B 160KN/160T 1600*1000*800mm 350*350mm 20KW/30HP PLC Automatic Turn bag
MB81-200A 200KN/200T 1600*1200*800mm 400*400mm 30KW/40HP Manual Valve Lateral push bag
MB81-200B 200KN/200T 1600*1200*800mm 400*400mm 30KW/40HP PLC Automatic Lateral push bag
MB81-250A 250KN/250T 2000*1400*1000mm 400*400mm 45KW/60HP Manual Valve Lateral push bag
MB81-250B 250KN/250T 2000*1400*1200mm 450*450mm 45KW/60HP PLC Automatic Lateral push bag
MB81-315A 315KN/315T 2600*1750*1200mm 600*600mm 75KW/100HP Manual Valve Lateral push bag
MB81-315B 315KN/315T 2600*2000*1200mm 500*600mm 75KW/100HP PLC Automatic Lateral push bag
MB81-400A 400KN/400T 2600*2000*1200mm 500*600mm 2*45KW/120HP Manual Valve Lateral push bag
MB81-400B 400KN/400T 3000*2000*1200mm 600*700mm 2*45KW/120HP PLC Automatic Lateral push bag

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