Rubber Crumb Plant.

Rubber Crumb Plant :designed to produce 0-5mm rubber crumb for collection or further processing.

Shredwell rubber crumb plant is proven to convert wire-free rubber mulch into high quality, uncontaminated crumb rubber, steel and fiber. It’s a physically processing machine, working in the normal temperature, causing no secondary pollution…

More Details:

Rubber crumb is the third step in Shredwell tire recycling process. At this stage, wire free chips from rubber mulch plant(TS tire shredders working with RR rasper)are processed into around 0-5mm rubber granules with fiber removed by vib-screener and zig-zag classifier. During this process, the crumb rubber granulates are shred and potentially re-circulated, leaving a clean, uniform rubber granulate around 99.9% clean..

Crumb rubber have numerous uses – like rubber crumb widely used in sports field, like running track, artificial grass, playground or rubber tile which is widely used in gym, walking street, stud-farm or playground etc, many athletic fields and sporting surfaces utilize crumb rubber as a soft and absorbent layer. Also lots of rubber modified asphalt roadways and rubber sealants also use crumb rubber as a main ingredient. The recovered steel can be melted and reused. Textile has a very high effective burning value and can therefore be mixed with other materials in order to increase that material’s effective burning value.

Rubber crumb plant output contains steel, fiber and clean rubber crumb. Processors are able to sell to buyers or continue processing for additional material outputs.

Rubber Crumb System TSC3000 TSC2000 TSC1000 TSC500 TSC300
Input Product Heavy Duty Truck Tyres To Bicycle Tyres
Input Size Diameter≤1800mm Diameter≤1600mm Diameter≤1300mm Diameter≤1200mm Diameter≤800mm
Output Size Shred to 1-6mm rubber granule
Capacity 3-4T/h 2-3T/h 1-1.5T/h 500-1000kg/h 300-500kg/h
Total Kw(based on 50-60 Hz) 674-768Kw 574-654Kw 350-399Kw 228-253Kw 184-204Kw


TSP-2000 tyre recycle line video from SHREDWELL

TSC-3000 Rubber Crumb Plant.

TSC-3000 crumb rubber plant testing in shredwell workshop…

Tyre recycling line to rubber powder from Vincent to South Africa

TSP-2000 Rubber Powder Plant in S. Africa.

Shredwell TSP-2000 rubber powder plant is the biggest tire recycling line in whole Africa, running video in customer site…

Shredwell rubber powder plant ready to Italy

MSC-3000 Tire Recycling Line for Italy

MSC-3000 tire recycling line for Italy checked and confirmed by customer before shipment…


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    Further Information

    Shredwell rubber powder plant in South Africa

    Production Process : Rubber Powder Plant.

    Shredwell’s rubber powder plant is designed and manufactured with the latest technology for most reliable quality…

    Tire Shredder in tyre recycling line

    Tire Shredder

    Shredwell tire shredders in crumb rubber plant are designed with an aggressive low RPM, high torque shredding technology.

    The shredder machine can process pre-cut OTR tires, truck tires and car tires into 50-100mm rubber chips.. Learn More

    Rasper in tyre recycling line


    SHREDWELL Rasper is specially designed for tire secondary shred and steel separation in scrap rubber crumb plant.

    Our Rasper can process pre-shreded tires chips and produce 10-30mm wire free chips, the steel wire will be separated by rasper and attracted by magnet… Learn More

    rubber granulator in scrap tyre recycling

    Rubber Granulator

    SHREDWELL Rubber Granulators in crumb rubber plant are designed to grind the rubber mulch (around 0-20mm) from the rasper into small granules from 1-6 mm.

    During the tire granulation process, 99% of the fiber is removed, leaving a contaminant free crumb rubber granulate ready to be further processed or sold. Learn More

    PLC control in used tyre recycling line

    Exclusive Control System

    Exclusive Control System – Controls and operates the entire plant from its centrally located position and provides instant visibility to what each machine is doing in real time.

    Unique Stop/Auto Reversal Feature – Protects against overfeeding and damage by non-processable items… Learn More

    • Reliable Power
    • Lower power consumption
    • Free of Maintenance
    • Low noise
    • Higher output capacity
    • Siemen/ABB/WEG Motor
    • Guomao or Tongli (China Top Brand) or SEW Reducer
    • TWB Bearing or FAG/SKF Bearing
    • Siemens PLC
    • Schneider component

    Rubber Crumb Plant

    You can find more tire recycling equipment and recycling plants from shredwell, shredwell provide the complete solution for end of life tyres…


    Successful Cases : Rubber Crumb Plant.

    Shredwell tire recycling machines and recycling lines has been manufactured and installed all over the world…

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    TSC1000 rubber crumb plant is to turn up to 1500mm tires into 0-1mm, 1-3mm and 3-5mm crumb rubber in 1Ton per hour in Kazakhstan.Read More

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    Shredwell TSC-3000 crumb rubber plant is manufactured and delivered in 2012 for India…Read More

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    2015-South Africa

    Our TSC-3000 Rubber Crumb Plant is the biggest tire recycling plant in whole Africa.Read More