OTR tires recycling now s manual type, cost time and is low effective.

OTR tires are normally applied on huge trucks in mining and these tires with the diameter up to 4.5 meters, because of their giant size, complicated structure, OTR tires recycling becomes to a challenge. Take Michelin 56/80R63 for example, the diameter is almost 4 meters, it contains 6 layers of steel belt, thick cords, makes the tires strong enough ,at the same time, makes the recycling job more difficult.

But SHREDWELL RECYCLING has designed and developed a new solution to recycle OTR tires, which is very high efficient and very cost effective…

We shred it well – OTR tires recycling

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Equipment Suitable For Processing OTR Tires

Tire Shredder from SHREDWELL

OTR tire cutter is the pre cutting machine in OTR tires recycling solution for rubber chunks.

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Rasper, tire recycling machine, tire recycling equipment

Tire shredder is used to shred OTR tires chunks into rubber chips around 100MM in OTR tyres recycling.

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Shredwell Rubber Granulator for sale

A complete OTR tyres recycling plant to shred and recycle OTR tires into crumb or powder.

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