Feeder System : It is designed for loading big amount of scrap tyres.

The shredwell TS series tire shredder is designed with low speed, high torque technologies to shred passenger tires, car tires, truck, super single, farm implement and OTR tires into clean shreds or chips at a rate of 40 Tons per hour.

  • Feeding system for scrap tires, feeder for recycling plant, feeder system
  • feeding machine, feeder system for recycling plant
  • https://www.shredwell-recycling.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/feeder-system-for-recycling-plant-feeding-equipment-for-scrap-tires.jpg
  • feeder machine from China, feeder system for recycling tires

More Details

Shredwell tire shredder is powered by Siemens motor and controlled by Siemens PLC unit enabling automatic reverse for overload protection and minimizing blades damages.

Our patented knife design operates at extremely close tolerances which produces the industry’s cleanest cut with very little exposed wire, and with over 13 processing steps ensure the best performance and precision tolerance. The knives can be resharpened and reused which significantly increases lifespan and decreases costs.

Based on the needs of our customers, our tire shredders (working with disc classifier) produce a 50-150mm rubber chip, which is used as a coal additive for industrial boilers. Many of these facilities are turning to TDF because it burns hotter and cleaner than coal and is more cost effective.

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    • Single-Shaft-Shredder

    TS1800 Tire Shredder working in Columbia to produce landfill rubber chips.