Where do the old tires go? In the past, they were thrown away in a landfill somewhere, most of them were stacked up over time, some landfills became so-called “tire mountains”, they were taking up tremendous amount of space, moreover, they became havens for rats and mosquitoes to breed. Sometimes they got burnt, and release dangerous toxins and pollute the air, and these fire are difficult to be extinguished. So tire recycling became the best way to solve these problem, some may be used as a tire swing or garden planters, or painted for children to play games, these are all alternative method to recycle used tires, but the quantities are too limited, so tire recycling plant were invented to make most of the tires to be recycled.

SHREDWELL RECYCLING give the waste tire the second life, make them into different types of products:

  1. Rubber chips: You can call it TDF(tire derived fuel) shreds, they normally used as fuel addictive for burning, or for civil engineering application as pavement material.
  2. Wire free rubber mulch: For landscaping or playground pavement use.
  3. Wire free and fiber free rubber crumb: Many athletic fields and sporting surfaces utilize crumb rubber as a soft and absorbent layer. Numerous rubber modified asphalt roadways and rubber sealants also use crumb rubber as a main infredient.
  4. Clean rubber powder: This micron-size material has the advantage of being incorporated into new or existing formulations for various polymers and finished products, such as water proof pads, etc…

We shred metal drum well

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Equipment Suitable For Processing Metal Drum

Tire Shredder from SHREDWELL

Tire Shredder is designed to turn whole tires into rough shreds chips around 50-100MM.

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Rasper, tire recycling machine, tire recycling equipment

Rasper is the ultimate machine for mid-stream and steel separation for 20mm wire free chips.

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Shredwell Rubber Granulator for sale

Rubber Granulator is designed to grind rubber mulch into 0-5mm rubber granules.

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