In car recycling business, normally the motors, transmissions, axles , hub  and wheels are removed in advance, because as valuable parts, they can be sold at a higher price, and some parts can be used for maintenance use.
When these are moved, the car body can be shredded into metal fractions, even with further processing to make them into dense metal, all these can be sold to steel mill to be melted and reuse again.

SHREDWELL is able to provide the complete recycling solution for scrap auto, here is the introduction for car body shredding recycling process as well as the car balers…

We can offer size reduction for the following materials:

  • Car Body, Car Shrell
  • Car Bale, Pressed Car.
  • Complete Car (with engine and transmission).

We shred car body well…

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Equipment Suitable For Processing Car Body

Auto Body Shredder Recycling Shredwell

MS-1800 Metal Shredder as primary shredder for car body.

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Car Body Shredder Shredwell

MS-2400 Metal Shredder used as primary shredding for car body recycling.

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Shredwell car body recycling system

Metal Shredding Plant, a complete solution for car body for 100mm dense metal fraction

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