Cable Recycling Plant :This plant is designed to recycle copper wire and cable scraps, turn the waste into value.

Shredwell cable recycling plant is specifically designed and manufactured system for higher volume waste cable and copper wire processing with most advanced shredding, granulation and selection processing technology, working in the normal temperature, causing no pollution in the cable recycling or cooper wire recycling process

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More Details

Shredwell waste cable wire recycling plant or cable recycling machine is mainly used to recycle different types of cable wires, such as all kinds of automotive circuit cable lines, communication cable lines and various waste wires that are not suitable to be processed by stripping machines. Like: computer wires, automobile wires, tele-communication cables, electric telephone wires,

The functions of these cable recycling system include pre-shredding, steel removal, granulation and separation of plastics from copper or aluminum. The advanced design of these plants results in excellent separation of the different fractions, even when processing mixed cables of varying size and composition.

We offer both medium and high capacity cable recycling plants which benefit from low maintenance & operational costs, and lower capital investment when compared with traditional cable recycling system.

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Cable Recycling Machine and System Layout:

cable recycling plant process

CRL-1000 Cable wire recycling plant

This cable recycling system working and testing in China, manufactured in 2013 year. This copper wire recycling plant contain single shaft shredder, granulator as main machines.

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    Further Information

    Main Machines

    cable recycling machine, copper wire recycling system

    Single Shaft Shredder

    Single shaft shredder:is equipped with a feeding hopper and an hydraulic ram designed to push the material between the rotor and the fixed blade. The hydraulic ram is designed to exert pressure on the material depending on the absorption of the rotor. Depending on the final dimension required, these machines can be equipped with different screen sizes. With the function of Siemens microcomputer control system, it is possible to control automatically start, stop, automatic reverse sensors to protect the machine against over loading and jamming.

    Singe shaft shredder is used as primary shredder machine in cable recycling system to shred different type cable scraps into small uniform size particle.

    granulator in cable granulation plant


    Shredwell PG series Granulators are heavy duty, high speed precision granulation machines designed for the rapid size reduction of various types of material in a single pass. The material is cut cleanly between the rotor and stator knives, and cut down to a homogenous regrind size determined by the screen holes on the fitted screen..

    PG granulators used as fine granulator in cable recycling system size reduces the pieces into fine uniform sized granules and liberates copper or aluminum from plastics, allowing it to be separated.

    Gravity Separator

    The gravity is used to separates the plastics from copper or aluminium according to density via vibration and air separation.


    Exclusive Control System – Controls and operates the entire plant from its centrally located position and provides instant visibility to what each machine is doing in real time.

    Unique Stop/Auto Reversal Feature – Protects against overfeeding and damage by non-processable items.

    Successful Cases

    • cable recycling system, copper wire recycling machine

    Cable Recycling Plant-2015, USA

    This is our 2015 project for copper wire recycling plant to recycle copper from scrap cable.

    Copper Wire Recycling Plant-2016, Italy

    This copper wire recycling machine with around 1Tons per hour capacity to recycle scrap cable.