Vehicle Wheels Recycling


More and more vehicles are discarded, the vehicle wheels become one of the main scrap during this procedure. Most of them are made from aluminum. Aluminum has many characteristics that make it ideal for recycling. It’s durable, fuses to other metals easily, and has high scrap value. That makes it expensive and highly sought after [...]

Mixed Light Metal Recycling


Light metal scrap like the steel sheet, packaging box, cans, tins are the most easiest metal scrap to be recycled, their main problem is piled randomly in the landfill, take a large space, but they can be used in no time if they are transferred to steel mill, the key thing here is too make [...]

Car Body Recycling


In car recycling business, normally the motors, transmissions, axles , hub  and wheels are removed in advance, because as valuable parts, they can be sold at a higher price, and some parts can be used for maintenance use. When these are moved, the car body can be shredded into metal fractions, even with further processing [...]

Tyre Steel Bundles Recycling


In a lot of countries like India, they burn the used tires directly, and left the tyre steel for recycling, because they are in a huge amount of quantities, most of them are tangled together, not to say cut them through, even make them loose is quite difficult. So how to recycle them properly is [...]

Metal Drum Shredding


Metal drum, which is valuable metals, when they are not recycled, it would take hundreds of years for them to break down in the landfill, to save energy and improve a health environment, it’s better to reuse these valuable materials. The most efficient and economical method is to shred them into small strips, remelt them [...]

Application Test 03


Rasper : As Tire Recycling Machine for Mid-stream Grinding and Steel Separation. Shredwell RR series Rasper is specially designed to take pre-shredded tires chips and produce between 20-10mm wire free rubber chips, it is secondary tire recycling machine in whole tyre recycling process. More Details Shredwell rasper is used [...]

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