Wuxi city, China 30th April, 2018 —Shredwell Recycling, China, an international professional factory in the designing and manufacturing of cost-effective shredding equipment and recycling systems, announced today our steel wire shredder for India has been completed and achieve success in the acceptance test. After 1-2 week, our tyre steel wire bundles shredder will be shipped to Chattisgarh, India.

This new steel wire shredder is specially designed for shredding steel wire bundles from waste tires which have been burned or after pyrolysis. Shredwell is the only company in China that can successfully handle this type of material. According to the characteristic of this type of steel wire, we specially design our steel wire shredder to handle this material professionally.

Around two years ago, we have produced such tyre steel shredder. But that model could not shred the entire steel wire bundles directly at that time. But the new shredder with the update technology is able to shred the steel wire bundles directly. And through this steel wire bundles shredder we can get around 10-15cm output material.

On April 30th, the customer came to our factory for acceptance the tyre steel shredder and they are very satisfied with our tyre steel shredder. The customer stated that the test results greatly exceeded their expectations. Shredwell is indeed an expert in waste disposal. In addition, we also reached new cooperation intentions.

“Your company is very professional and also with good service, we are very satisfied with this tyre steel shredder and we can not wait to use this steel wire shredder. Meanwhile I have another recycling project and I’ll still choose your company.” Said our customer Mr. Suresh.

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