Wuxi city, China 2nd Nov, 2020 —Shredwell Recycling, China announced today we shipped a new set of metal shredding plant to Australia. It is expected to arrive Australia in half a month.

This metal recycling plant will be our third line in Melbourne. It is aim to shred various waste metal into small metal chips. After testing, customers are very satisfied with the capacity and output size, now he can not wait to install this shredding plant in their factory at once.

Today we are loading, after he checking the loading pictures, He praised our good packaging and standard delivery, as well as our good pre-sale and after-sales service. He smiled and said he made the right choice to cooperate with us.

Thanks for customer’s support. In the future, we will still keep moving forward to provide our customers best reliable machine and best service.

Learn more about the Shredwell metal recycling plant at: www.shredwell-recycling.com and contact:
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