Wuxi city, China May 10, 2017 —Shredwell Recycling, China, an international professional factory in the designing and manufacturing of cost-effective shredding equipment and recycling systems, announced today our MS-2400 Metal Shredder has reached great success in Israel.

Shredwell team visited Israel on May, checking the running metal shredder in site and had a very nice meeting with our customers. The feedback from customer is very positive and he told us our shredder is the best equipment he has purchased in his life all over the world.

This scrap metal shredder was arrived customer’s yard in around April and started working on May of 2015. It has served 2 years already in the site, and there is no any quality problem even happened on our equipment. The customer told us that they are very satisfied with our quality and service, and they even didn’t change any blades during these two years, it has save them lots of cost on the maintenance.

During the meeting, the customer also told us, they shred average 150 Tons scrap metal every day, our metal shredder has brought them huge profits and it has already more than their expectation. And our customer confirmed with us that he is planning to start a new shredding factory in another city in 2018, and he will purchase one more set of MS-2400 shredder from us soon.

The video for running metal shredder in Israel:

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