Wuxi city, China 20th June, 2021 —Shredwell Recycling, China, a professional manufacturer for cost-effective recycling plant located in China, announced today a new metal recycling system for Mongolia has been successfully installed and commissioned. This is the first metal recycling plant we installed in Mongolia.

This metal recycling system adopts a specially designed heavy duty MS series metal shredder for the preliminary shredding. It can shred end of live vehicle and scrap metal into small chips. This metal recycling equipment features low speed, high torque operation, minimized noise and low power consumption high production.

“Shredwell is a very professional manufacturer with excellent service. Your technical team is very dedicated and provide detailed guidance for our project. With this guidance, we complete installation and commissioning with a short time and the metal recycling system for Mongolia runs successfully. I really appreciate of Shredwell’s advanced technology and best service. I hope to continue to cooperate with Shredwell in the future.” Said by our Mongolia customer. The customer also expressed that it is very pleasant to cooperate with shredwell and hope that Shredwell will develop better and better.

Thanks so much for our customer’s support and trust. Shredwell will keep moving to become a stronger manufacturer, and continue to provide developed high quality shredding technology and best service for our global customer.

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