Wuxi city, China 13th April, 2021 —Shredwell Recycling, China, announced a new contract has been signed with our Russia customer-a new rubber pulverizer machine.

Shredwell rubber pulverizer machine is a special desiged to produce 30-120mesh fine rubber powder. This structure of our rubber miller machine is compact with low noise, high output, low energy consumption, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. According to all the advantages it has, the pulverizer machine is easy to operate and the output fine rubber powder is extremely uniform.

After customers compare multiple factories,he is impressed by our excellent equipment quality and service then cooperated with us immediately, and he is very confident about the future cooperation. “Your rubber pulverizer quality and service philosophy are the best of all the factories I have seen. I’m glad to have this opportunity to cooperate with you this time.“ He said.

Very thanks our customer support and trust, we will surely repay the customer with the most quality reliable tire recycling equipment and the best after-sales service. We are confident of continued cooperation in the future.

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