Wuxi city, China April 14, 2017 —Shredwell Recycling, China, an international professional factory in the designing and manufacturing of cost-effective shredding equipment and recycling systems, announced today our TDS1800 Tire Shredding Plant has working 2 years in our Ecuador customer’s workshop.

This customer is very famous tire recycler in South America, he is doing tire trading over 20 years, and he own several tire retreading company in Ecuador. Two years ago, they chose us from many suppliers from China, and confirmed and quality and technology. The two-years trouble-free running proves our shredders quality reliability and shredding ability.

The system we supplied is our TDS1800 Tire Shredding Plant (Main machine is our TS1800 Tire Shredder) to produce clear cut rubber chips without explored wire. The customer confirm us now, they are very satisfied with our equipment, and it is a wise decision to choose us to supply them the tire shredding machine, our equipment have continuous provided them support on their pyrolysis system.

During the meeting, the customer also told us, our shredding plant now is shredding 100 Tons scrap tires every day for around 100mm rubber chips, and the blades are still working very well. And they are very positive to cooperate with us in the future.

The video for running tire shredder in Ecuador:

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