Application – Scrap Recycling Machines

SHREDWELL mainly provides shredding and recycling machines like primary shredder, secondary shredder, fine granulators, which are widely used for rubber, steel, wood, E-waste, medical waste, plastic, municipal solid waste, paper, cloth, glass as well as industrial hazardous waste…Recycling and reusing the valuable resources is target and we are keeping research  and develop shredding and recycling equipment to meet our goal.

Application for rubber


Used tire are one of the main rubber waste currently, it causes serious environmental problem, due to it’s severe pollution to water and disease spread via mosquito bred in the tire landfilled, as well as the potential fire disaster, the best way to solve these problem is to reuse the waste tires, recycle the rubber. SHREDWELL RECYCLING provides a reliable solution to recycle waste tires in an economically and environmental friendly way…Read More

  • Car & Truck Tire
  • OTR Tire
  • Rubber Chips from Tire (with steel)
  • Wire free rubber chips (with fiber)
Metal Shredding Application Shredwell


Metal like packaging used drums, cans, tins and other metal scrap such as metal sheets, when they are not recycled, it would take hundreds of years for them to break down in the landfill, to save energy and improve a health environment, it’s better to reuse these valuable materials. The most efficient and economical method is to shred them into small strips, remelt them and reuse again. SHREDWELL RECYCLING metal recycling system for reusing all kind of waste metal,scrap cars…Read More

  • Complete Car        Car body
  • Pressed car          Auto bales
  • Engine& Transmission     Car wheels
  • Auto axles     Eletrical motor&rotor
  • Metal drum           Tyre steel wire bundles
Shredwell Rubber Granulator for sale


All kinds of electrical appliances and electronic gadgets are used in our modern world, it’s one side of civilization, which means a lot more electrical and electronic scraps are produced day by day, as per estimate, more than 40 million tons of electrical and electronic scraps are generated annually, and it’s growing at a rate of 21% each year. To solve the rise E-waste pollution problem, and reuse the precious metal, SHREDWELL RECYCLING offers E-waste recycling solution to achieve this goal…Read More

  • Hard Disc    Copper Wire Cable
  • Scrap printers     Computer keyboard
  • Scrap refrigerator
Shredwell Rubber Granulator for sale


For decades, we’ve been using wood as fuel, it’s the start of civilization, wood is a valuable resource available in large quantities, different from our ancestors for using forest wood like timber directly, now days we got more and more different kind of wood scrap like wood pallet, instructions wood needed to be reused effectively and economically, we need to reduce the pollution by using wood as fuel. Wood shredder, wood hammer crusher are designed to make recycling wood more valuable and less polluted…Read More

  • Wood pallet
  • Tree root
  • Wood furniture
  • Timber
Shredwell Rubber Granulator for sale


Plastic is widely used in our daily life, from the home appliance like fridge and air conditioner to shopping plastic bags, we use them at all aspects, but when are discarded, the slow degradation rate will cause threat to our environment and ecosystems. Due to this disposal pollution, plastic recycling becomes effective manner to keep a clean and green environment. SHREDWELL RECYCLING shredders and granulators are specially designed to provide high torque and low speed for cutting …Read More

Shredwell Rubber Granulator for sale

Industrial Hazardous Waste

Due to rapid pace of industrialization, the quantities of wastes released from the industrial fields are increasing gradually, to maintain green practices in action and the segregation of various industrial wastes is very important, especially to separate hazardous waste from compostable organic waste, non-hazardous solid waste, and recyclable materials. Sorting the waste and leave only the things can not be recycled is the key to do positive impact on environment and reused the valuable resources…Read More

Shredwell Rubber Granulator for sale

Municipal Solid Waste

During the development of our city, more communities are founded, while the disposal of solid waste and municipal solid waste(MSW) become a major concern, properly deal with the municipal waste would bring a good life to citizens. With the increase in the mount of solid waste and rise in the cost of landfill management, how to manage them become an challenge for us. Municipal waste shredders work together with our granulator and separation system is able to…Read More

Shredwell Rubber Granulator for sale

Paper & Cloth & Glass

Paper, cloth and glass are valuable resources for recycling industry, these can be recycled and reuse again. Take paper for example, recycling one ton of newspaper save about 1 ton of wood, equals to 0.3-0.4 unit of area forest. And the recycled paper are able to be made into paper again, and widely used in molded pulp packaging. It means effective recycling of paper contributes to create an energy saving and sustainable environment. So does the cloth and glass…Read More

Shredwell Rubber Granulator for sale

Medical Waste & Organic Waste

Medical waste processing must be in accordance with regulation and safety request. Our engineers and professionals from SHREDWELL RECYCLING designed and developed waste shredders and granulators for safely recycle the medical disposal. SHREDWELL technology works out a proper solution for your specific requirement for medical waste recycling to meet your necessary size reduction…Read More

Shredwell Rubber Granulator for sale

Other Waste

There are all kinds of waste need to be recycled in order to reuse resources and keep our environment clean and green, SHREDWELL RECYCLING is dedicated in recycling industry, professional of providing world-class shredding and separation system to recycle the diverse waste. SHREDWELL RECYCLING, waste solution provider….Read More

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